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  Brar Construction & Development Inc.
Our General Engineering Division specializes in lot development (dirt work, underground, curbs and gutters, paving), Roads, Highways & byways, mostly working with our General BuildingDivision, but also working on their own projects for public and private jobs.
Our General Building Division specializes in Commercial projects such as Hotels, Commercial Retail Centers, gas stations, tiltup buildings, Multi family housing and large Estate Homes.

Our approach to building is to create a team for every project which will include a project manager from Brar Construction, a project owner, Architect, Engineer, lender and Franchiser. Constructing a building doesn't just start when the concrete is poured, it starts way before that. By having the whole team working together from the beginning of your project, we ensure that your project will flow smoothly thus eliminating the need for unnecessary and costly change orders.
Performance is the key to any business. We are building our reputation by providing quality construction services to our clients. Our clients have come to expect only the best from us knowing we are knowledgeable, competent, and most of all, honest.
When we sign a contract with a client we are also signing an oath that we will fulfill our obligation to them. These obligations include, but not limited to, making sure the project is built to plans & specifications, completing the project on time, and keeping within budget. Giving our customer a well built project, not a story. We will hear all your concerns and work to resolve them. We will also share any concerns that may arise from the project and work together to resolve them. No matter how small, large, simple or complicated your project is we will stay true to our oath to you.
If you are looking to start a new project or need help with and existing project, please give us a call and give us the opportunity to work for you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.